"We couldn't have been happier with our son's induction process offered by the Caterpillar Montessori nursery in Acton.


Initially, Ms Jenna called me a few weeks before his 1st day to invite us both on a tour. Adam was encouraged to play and, as he felt more comfortable, integrate with the other children whilst I watched from the sidelines.


On our second visit I left him for an hour, then after a nervous coffee, I returned to find a very happy little boy.


On our third visit I left him for the morning, and wasn't surprised to find him happy and playing as if he'd been there for weeks.


What impressed me the most, was how the induction seemed to be tailored to the individual child's needs, and had he needed more sessions to integrate he would have had them. The kindness displayed by the staff, to both of us, reassured me that I had might the right choice nursery.


He's been there 2 years now, and he's blossomed into a wonderful boy.


Thank you Caterpillar!"