"Caterpillar Montessori is a warm and welcoming school that provides a learning experience for young children in an environment that is nurturing, safe and stimulating.


My daughter had a hard time separating from me to go to school for the first time just after her 3rd birthday. It was a challenging transition for us both, but the teachers and staff at Caterpillar were so supportive throughout the process in order to help develop her self esteem and my confidence in the system. I was amazed at how quickly she grew in confidence and love for the Montessori method, Caterpillar school and her teachers. She bonded quickly with her teachers as they continued to foster her strengths in a way that encouraged her growth and development intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally. Now she looks forward to school every day, and asks for school on weekends and holidays. She has formed lasting bonds with her teachers and friends who have helped encourage her to grow and discover her own unique abilities.


All that being said, I highly recommend Caterpillar school for any child as they provide a supportive learning experience for young children in an enthusiastic atmosphere that fosters the unique abilities of each child, and to help him/her develop at their own pace."