“I will always be grateful to The Caterpillar Montessori Nursery for giving both my children the best possible start to their schooling. It is a wonderful nursery, with a calm, supportive and nurturing atmosphere, where the children are encouraged to develop their own personalities, and given the freedom to express themselves and learn at a pace that’s right for them.


Most importantly, my children had so much fun at Caterpillar, learning how to interact and play with others, and forming friendships they still have today. The many and varied daily activities that included art, cooking, walks in the park, Karate club, and music making, were not only fun, but hugely educational. During their time at the nursery, they both learned so much about themselves and their place in the wider environment, and covered topics as wide ranging as Diwali and Guy Fawkes, the changing seasons, the life cycle of a frog and the importance of recycling.


I found the quality of teaching to be excellent, and the staff dedicated to the nursery community and the well being of the children in their care. The end of term concerts and plays, and even a trip to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs, were a real testament to their hard work.


The Montessori methods practiced at the nursery meant that once they started at “big” school, they were well equipped to handle the demands placed on them, like finishing the work they had started, and being able to dress themselves, and look after their own belongings.


The nursery was also invaluable for me as a mum as a relative newcomer to Chiswick. Because there is such a community feel, I got to know the other parents very well, and made some wonderful new friends.”