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School Fees for Academic Year 2018-2019

Morning School

5 mornings = £2,695 per term

4 mornings = £2,160 per term

3 mornings = £1,620 per term

2 mornings* = £1,085 per term


*Two mornings a week sessions are for two to three-year olds.


Afternoon Clubs

£280 per club per term


Additional mornings or afternoons: £35.00


Breakfast club per term £150.00


Additional Breakfast club £8.00 per morning


Early Education Entitlement (EEE) & Early Learning Entitlement (ELE)

All children are eligible for the Government’s EEE from the term after they turn three years of age. The amount of EEE funding is set by Ealing Council for up to 15 hours a week, which at Caterpillar covers the hours 9.00am – 12pm Monday – Friday. Since provision at Caterpillar is three and a half hours per session, the school is permitted to charge parents for the remaining hours, at a termly rate set by the school. Invoices for EEE-eligible children show charges for additional hours each term. Parents are required to sign a Declaration Form (confirming the number of sessions attended and their child’s attendance at any other setting) every term, and to show their child’s birth certificate or current passport to the school so that the child’s date of birth can be verified. These are the conditions of your child’s eligibility for EEE.


In addition to the required number of weeks provision, the school offers one free place (i.e. no additional charges required) for a family in need. This place is offered at the discretion of the Principal. If the school year is less than 38 weeks, a proportionally lower amount of EEE will be applicable and a parent may apply to attend another setting for any outstanding weeks of EEE).


The school accepts two-year old children eligible for ELE if there are spaces, for up to 15 hours per week. These places are usually in the afternoon session. If we are not able to offer 15 hours a week, a parent may take up the outstanding ELE hours at another setting.


Fees may be paid in part or total via your employer’s childcare voucher scheme (which comes as a tax-free part of your salary), if applicable. Please check with school that we are already registered with your particular childcare voucher provider; if not it can be arranged.