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Caterpillar Montessori Afternoon Clubs

Once the children have reached 3 years old they have the option to stay all day and take part in our Afternoon Clubs four days a week. The children bring in a packed lunch and can then stay until 4.00pm. The parents find this a wonderful stepping stone to increasing the hours for the longer days at their future schools

Caterpillar Kitchen

Caterpillar Montessori afternoon club imageDuring cooking the children are taught how to cut and chop safely, how to read a recipe and measure out the ingredients. We cook sweet and savoury dishes and discuss healthy eating as well as cooking food from around the world.



Caterpillar Montessori afternoon club imageOur Karate Club is run by Sensei Ben from Crouching Tiger Karate. Karate helps to provide focus and help a child to gain self-confidence. It can also help to develop their character through teaching discipline, respect and the importance of good etiquette.

Art Attack!

Caterpillar Montessori afternoon club imageThe children have great fun getting messy and using their imaginations to make 3D models, collages, stencilling and many more creations and also learn about colour mixing and how to use different mediums.







Caterpillar Montessori afternoon club imageThe children build up their confidence through group work. This also helps them to develop good social interaction skills; language and vocabulary is extended through these acting sessions. The children will have an opportunity to act out different scenarios, dressing up and pretending to be different characters.