Miss Pam - Teacher


Miss PamI have been a Montessori teacher for thirty-two years, working in only Good to Outstanding settings. I was previously a teacher at Caterpillar Montessori for seventeen years, four of which were as Deputy Head where my own personal evaluation during a Montessori moderation was Outstanding.


I have a passion for the Montessori philosophy and believe in the importance of guiding children to reach their potential using a well-prepared environment. This allows children to develop and grow at their own pace, opening the door for them to reach their full potential. “Help me to help myself” is the young child's cry for independence that leads to true confidence and self-esteem. Children want to learn how to do things on their own without adult supervision or permission. Even though at times we feel we have to help children constantly, in reality children are asking us to help them to help themselves.


I am proud to say I have raised three fully-grown sons and who have given me seven beautiful grandchildren with whom I adore. I have also sponsored and encouraged my daughter in law into becoming a Montessori Practitioner, which she accomplished in 2018!